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Default Stringing with more than two lengths of string, quadruple hybrid?

Hi there, I was wondering if any of you had any experience with stringing a racquet with more than two lengths of string, not just a standard hybrid but, meaning three or four different types of string are used on the racquet, a quadruple hybrid? Perhaps skip the crosses with one string and then put another string in the skipped holes getting an alternating pattern, i imagine there would be some bulky crossovers on the outside of the frame.

I was thinking of this idea for more an aesthetic reason, i think if would look interesting to have four different colored strings on one frame, but maybe would have some interesting characteristics when done with a mix of strings, one could theoretically do natural gut, kevlar, syn gut, and poly all on one frame, to take the example to the extreme. But more I think this would interesting on an aesthetic level, i think you could make some cool color combos and patterns.

Seems you would just need to make more tie off holes? Is this idea actually feasible, any one tried, before I try and dick around?
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