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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
Is this even an issue?

Could you maybe post a video of what type of shot you're talking about returning?

If your opponent is hitting some kind of federeresque slice drop shot or running forehand just clap your hands and tell him nice shot. If someone can come up with those kind of shots consistently they deserve to win the match.

On most groundstrokes it shouldn't even be an issue.

If it's his serve that has a lot of sidespin, remember to take a compact backswing and just work on your timing. The more times you see that serve, the easier it will be to time.

You shouldn't be worrying about adjusting your racket face angle, or "spin axis" or whatever. Do it by feel. Just move your feet and try to time the ball like you would on any other shot.
i think itīs a case of over-analysing something that should really be solved on-court by playing.
you have to learn to read the incoming ball, and you can only do that by playing. of course many people donīt pay much attention to what their opponent does and focus on their own strokes only.
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