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Default What would Federer choose if given this choice?

Assume you are Roger Federer. You have determined your retirement tournament to be the 2016 Olympics. You find a bottle, you rub it and a genie appears. You are granted one wish, from two options. The options are:

Option 1
Win 2 more majors of your choice, except the FO, before you retire. And nothing else.


Option 2
Before you retire:
* Win 1 more FO, beating Nadal in the final; and
* Win the singles gold medal at the 2016 Olympics; and
* Win the Davis Cup once for your country; and
* Overtake Nadal in your head to head count by beating him constantly in R16s, QFs, SFs across all slams plus the FO final stated above; and
* Finish one more year as year end number 1.
And nothing else.

Option 1 takes you to 19 majors.

Option 2 takes you to 18 majors but ticks every other box as far as undisputed GOAT is concerned.

Which option do you choose and why?
That is all.
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