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Very nice setup GuitarPlayer! I love the finish on the Les Paul. I will own one one of these days! What amp are you playing through? I haven't messed with my rig in years as I haven't played in bands for the last 8 years. When I do start playing again, I imagine I will go with a simpler set-up and lower wattage.

My current rig is a Parker Fly Artist -> Boss V-Wah -> VHT Ultralead with a TC GMajor in the effects loop and a Behringer midi pedal that controls channel switching on the head and patch changes on the Gmajor. The VHT distortion is so dry and unique, it might be hard to give up. I did have this amp modified by Trace at Voodoo Amps to fatten it up a bit and give more usable sweep on the distortion knob.

Most of the time these days I just play through an epiphone valve jr though. From the rig above to one knob is a pretty big contrast!

I sold all my other guitars to buy the Parker, but I held onto my 91 Fender Strat. Thinking about putting Joe Barden's in that.

The only gear lust I have right now besides the Bardens is a new acoustic, and a 1x12 low watt tube amp. Of course, once I buy the amp, I'm sure Ill need to build around that
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