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Originally Posted by PushyPushster View Post
I notice you ignored my question about whether your Agassi-like power strokes have actually been advancing your rating. That makes me think, "probably not". Anyhow, you sound like a social player. Very concerned that your buddies on the court won't think you wear Big Boy Pants if you aren't trying to rip an 80mph ground stroke. I just don't care about that stuff.

Shhhh. Don't out yourself like that. Everyone on the TT message boards is on a grand Tennis Improvement Journey that ends at the feet of Roger Federer. Being willing to hit a dink shot for the win is Not Bueno.
Hahaha! I guess my game is most similar to a counter puncher as I get a lot back but I'm able to overpower people at the same time. I guess it's just called being consistent?

As for LeeD, I don't get your point of having higher level partners hit with you? If you are a consistent hitter, that's what high level players are looking for to practice with.

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