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Originally Posted by FD3S View Post
Well, if you can get past the styling, the Miata's always gotten pretty much universal praise from people driving it - cheaper than the Z4, at any rate.

I've never had the chance to drive a Porsche - was gonna ask if you ever had trouble with rear-engine RWD, but then I remembered you were coming from a monster MR2 and thought better of it
Miata's are amazing cars to drive. But the styling isn't my cup of tea and I'm looking for a bit more of a high end feel at this point. Then there are always those uninformed people who call them girl cars :P

With Porsche I must say even with them releasing recent abominations such as the Panamera/Cayenne, their other cars are still true to form in terms of driving experience. Though Boxsters have that same stigma Miatas have, so I couldn't own one(wow I'm getting way more shallow these days.)

Rear engine-rear drive/mid engine-rear drive I learned 3 words very early. DO NOT LIFT!
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