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I've been on a gear buying spree myself lately. In the last 4 months, I've bought:

PRS McCarty
Gibson LP Traditional Pro
MJT '62 Tele copy in firemist gold
Avid Eleven Rack (greatest home-jamming tool in the universe)

I'm a Tele guy at heart, but the McCarty and LP were such good deals, I couldn't pass them up. Always good to have some variety in tones at hand as well. The 11Rack was bought because I expect once I finish grad school, I'll be starting a fun cover band and my homebuilt amps (Matchless DC30 clone, hot-rodded AC30, Plexi clone) won't have enough variety, and carrying a 3 channel head and cab is just too much for me now in my "old" age.

With regard to strings, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool DR 10's user. They were the first string that I felt didn't have a break-in period where they were too bright, and they stayed fresh longer than D'Addarios or Ernie Balls.
Back to the Prestige MP. Should have never deviated.
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