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Just an update:

- One PC600 left at a 7-8/10 rating due to small paint chips at the top of the hoop and scratching at the throat. Grip = Head's finest calfskin. Racquet is currently strung with SPPP at around 45 lbs. Asking for $150 shipped. 4 1/2 grip size.

- Head Elektra Pro (8/10 rating) comes with original cover, leather grip
- Head Elite Pro (8/10 rating) comes with original cover, leather grip
- Green/silver PC600 (8/10 rating), leather grip
- All three have some small paint chips around the hoop from normal play. Asking for $170 each shipped. 4 1/2 grip size.

- Green/silver PC600 (6/10 rating) 4 1/4 grip size, leather grip
- Intelligence Prestige mid (6/10) 4 1/2 grip size. I have two of these. This has the rubbery coating on the throat which has completely worn off, but structurally, the racquet is still solid. Leather grip included
- Intelligence Prestige Xtralong MP (7/10) 4 1/2 grip. Currently strung with a fresh set of RPM blast (not really sure on the brand, but its a black poly string). Paint chips at top of hoop.
- Head TX Professional (5/10 rating) 4 1/2 grip size, comes with original cover. There are paint chips/cracking at the throat that makes it look like its structurally compromised, but I don't think so. My guess that's why people have been staying away from it like the plague. It still hits solid. Leather grip included
- Asking for $70 each shipped.

You can contact me at mjew88 @ yahoo . com (remove spaces in between). References and pictures available upon request. PayPal only.
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