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Default Help on my serve

Hi all.

Really appreciated any help you could give me on my serve.

I recently change the serve motion. About 2 months ago. Now I get the racquet up first before tossing the ball. This was suggested by my coach in order to correct my trophy position. I used to keep the dominant arm too close to my body witch prevented my to accelerate as quickly as I could to the ball. From the video I can see that I still do that a little bit.

Its not a bad serve. I am a 3.5 player.. if you can see the ball hits the back fence before the second bounce... anyway.. I think i am more worried about how the serve looks than how the ball goes.

The thing is I am pretty tall and I feel I could have a faster serve.. but that arm tucked near the body.. just prevents me from acceleration. Any tips in this?

Anyway.. I could use your help in any other points regarding the serve.

Thanks in advance.
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