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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Slice sidespin is not a problem for me. The ball is low, so it does not mess with my eyesight. Then, the turn is very predictable. Of course, if the degree of turn is high, I will have a problem reaching to it, but it is not fundamental.

One question: when playing a rightie opponent and being a rightie, the side spin on slice is usually one which moves away deeper into the forehand. Have you seen a slice which curves the other way, i.e., deeper into the backhand? I have seen that on backhand volleys, but I think it is not easy to do that with groundies.

The main problem is top spin + side spin. There was one ball from Cheetah on Sunday which looked like a regular topspin, and I was expecting it to curve wide out into the forehand side after bounce. Instead it curved into me because of the sidespin.
Were you prepared before the ball bounced?
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