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Originally Posted by WARPWOODIE View Post
I still hold to my belief that overseas recruitments are basically junkets for these coaches, plain and simple. C'mon, U of W is a PAC 12 school....don't tell me that they can't pick up blue chips or high 5 stars? That is really hard to believe.
The Udub coach not interested in American 5 stars, not good enough for her. Only blue chips in the top 20,30. Seems like she make a perfunctory effort to recruit Americans for appearance sake though:

From her interview "It's hard to rebuild a team if you lose the top 20, 30 American players to the traditional powerhouse programmes each year."

Sensitive to the ongoing debate, she picks a few select American players each year and offers them scholarships first. If they don't take them she goes international. "

This is a team that will never be a contender in that division with her as coach.
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