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Originally Posted by lynnbart View Post
I strung up a set of Black Magic at 48x46 lbs after reading this thread and now have about 6 sets on it.

Last night the stringbed suddenly changed. It has played comfortably since fresh but I thought I could feel it getting loose, then last night it seemed to tighten up and played firmer and a little more solid.
I wouldn't disagree with your experiences. BM does lose tension over time before settling and obviously with hitting, it will lose its elasticty and the string itself will feel stiffer on the way to going dead.

I tend to cut mine out around the 6 hour mark. It's still sort of playable but the performance just isn't there anymore IMO. And as the string stiffens, you lose a element of feel and forgiveness. That's my gripe with this string - plays great when fresh(ish) but performance is relatively short lived before the string starts losing its (Black) magic and goes dead.

Personally, I prefer it at 52lbs - that's the tension that works for me - but horses for courses really. Depends on how you play, what your equipment setup is etc.

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