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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Alright, alright! I actually like the 16x19 Blade better than the 18x20. It gives me more power and spin. I also feel like the sweet spot is bigger. The downside would be the lack in torsional stability. It does tend to flutter more so than the 18x20 during those off center hits. I know the swingweights for both string patterns are very close, but I still feel like the 16x19 is more maneuverable and whippy.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Jason, TW
Thanks J! I know maneuverability is your fav aspect, so you must like it.
Can't wait to try the 16x19 Blade. Wonder how it will compare to the Pro Open and Juice 100? All good choices for us 4.0's.
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