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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
if mazda's idea for the new rx-7 is a $20-25k two seater/2+2 like the new subaru BRZ/scion FR-S -- then i think this is a great idea. lightweight rotary engine and supreme handling would make for a fun car. if mazda is making a competitor for the 350z or 335i in the $30k+ price range -- i think it's a fail. rotary is too low on hp and torque and fuel/oil economy.
I hope not. From a marketing standpoint, if Mazda price the new RX-7 as low as $20-25k, it'll de-value the RX-7 brand/image. RX-7 has established itself as a premium, no-nonsense sports car. It was originally designed to compete with the likes of Porsche. You can't price the car at the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ and say you want to compete with Porsche. If the RX-7 is in the conversation with the NSX's, 911's, GT-R's, etc., it can't be priced that low.

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Yeah, different sort of feel to the RX-8. The 350Z is definitely heavier, and more from the 'old school' bruiser class of coupe, heavier inputs needed, stiffer ride and bit more jittery on the limit but a fun drive nonetheless and the engine just blows the RX-8 off the road. Noticeably more power (around 300bhp from what I can remember), much more low down torque, more more usable rev range, creamy smooth yet makes a great sound. You can even hit 70mph in 2nd gear!
I don't know about the sound. I found it to be fake, "tries too hard", and ultimately super annoying. That drone made me not want to go onto the highway.
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