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Default Hybrid string tension suggestions - Poly / SG

I've tried earnestly to search for threads on this subject without luck in finding the right keywords to uncover what I am sure has been covered many times.

My Q, with apologies: What tension guidelines should I use for a Poly/SG setup?

I see some people saying string the SG at normal tensions (like Mid +2) then put the poly at 10-15% less than that. I then see others saying put the poly down it the high 40s, low 50s for common polys like MSV Hex, then put the SG crosses around the same tension, maybe a little higher.

I've had luck with HEX/Goshen OG 17 at 50/56 -- but I am just shooting in the dark without a clue. Likewise I tried RPM & X1 at 52/57 with good luck...

Background: 6'2"/200, Serve and volley, live by my kick serve, Head Extreme MP with a little lead added, med to fast strokes.

Any specific string combinations for my racquet, styles -- with suggested tension?

Many thanks in advance.
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