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I posted this a few days ago, but just now realized I put it in the wrong thread. What an idiot I am. Anyway...

No actual photos, but two weeks ago I sent in my pair of Head Prestige IIs:

They had worn a hole through the toe, just above the sole. I wasn't sure if that qualified for replacement seeing as how I didn't wear the sole, but the material above, but I sent them in anyway. Got home this evening and there was a package on the porch containing a new pair of these:

I'm actually quite happy they sent the Speed Pro Lite as I was considering them, but people didn't seem to like the way they fit. Reviewers were saying they were wide. Well, maybe I have goofy feet, but the 10.5s they sent fit perfect.

This was my first warranty attempt from Head, by the way, and I'm pleasantly surprised.
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