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look, I just thought I would relate this little story, even though it doesn't strictly equate to 'sandbagging'

I play in a league that is technically 'open', 3 person teams and mostly local coaches and their best HS age pupils.

The standard is around 5.0 but there are a couple of guys who are better than that.

Anyway, there is one team who, while not dominating, usually win the league. They have had the same team for the last few years, the club coach at number 1, a guy who wins a lot of state level 55+ tournaments at 2 and a young guy at 3.

Anyway, we had never beaten them, but this year we changed something in our team. We brought in our number 1 player's dad to play at number 2. He is in his sixties but was a real star back in the day. (TTers might remember me telling the story of having a hit with him last year)

So, we played them first round, and behold!, we won!

Next round came along and they rolled out a 'new team'
The club coach had been relegated to number 3 and pos 1 and 2 were now filled with towering young men home from College on a break and ranked in the top 20 nationally!

To make matters worse, we had a fill in number two as David was away at the national Seniors championships.
We got absolutely smashed!

what does this have to do with your situation?

Not much, but it is kind of relevant and a reminder that, whatever the standard, it doesn't take much to upset the balance.

(although, as I said, this is an open league and we field the best three guys we have got!)
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