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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
IMHO - most players at the rec level don't have a lot of variety on the serve and second serves don't tend to have the same amount of pace - making it a good opportunity to occasionally step around and go for a big forehand.

Not something you can do every serve, but it's worth it when they guy is sending 99.9% of the serves to your backhand and/or you're just not getting that backhand return in - you have to keep him honest or change things up.

I've had to do something similar on lefty's who always go out wide to the Ad side.

Besides, unless my opponent is just serving fire down the T - I usually cheat a little to my backhand side to present a smaller target for a backhand return. If your're already a step or two over, it's not that hard to run around a slower second serve.

That's exactly OP's question. He wants to know what do you do with your footwork...........
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