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Default Stats for 1980 Wimbledon QF(Connors-Tanner)

Connors d Tanner 16 62 46 62 62

my stats
Connors served at 61%(74 of 121)
He won 54 of 74 pts on 1st serve(67.5%)
and 24 of 47 on 2nd(51%)
4 aces, 2 df's
drew 28 return errors
of the return errors Tanner made 6 were fh, 22 were bh
8 were on 2nd serve
6-15 on break points(Tanner made 1st serves on 8 of them)

Tanner served at 43.5%(61 of 140)
He won 39 of 61 pts on 1st serve(64%)
and 41 of 79 on 2nd(52%)
16 aces, 6 df's
drew 31 return errors
of the return errors Connors made, 6 were fh, 25 were bh
17 were on 2nd serve
4-9 on break points(Connors made 1st serves on 4 of them)

Connors had 37 non service winners: 6 fh, 17 bh, 9 fhv, 5 bhv
Tanner had 39: 2 fh, 10 bh, 14 fhv, 9 bhv, 4 ov

Connors was 57-83 at net(69%)
didn't take S&V stats, but it seemed like he was doing it a lot, on both 1st & 2nd serves

Connors had a pretty tough schedule at this rain plagued tournament. He completed his 4th round match the day before(while Tanner had the day off)
And his semifinal opponent McEnroe had the day off while he played Tanner(and the other men's semi - Borg-Gottfried - was actually played on the same day as this QF)
Commentators said it may have been fairer for the players if they just extended the tournament by another day.

Tanner was on the end of a rather absurd decision by the umpire early in the 5th set when he hit an ace that was called a fault & the umpire decided to just 'play a let' instead of awarding the point to Tanner. Commentators said that officiating was pretty poor throughout the tournament(what a surprise)

In the McEnroe-Connors SF, the same exact thing happened to Mac(hit an ace that was called a fault, the umpire gave him a 1st serve instead of the point) & commentators/fans/press acted like Mac was such a disgrace to the game even though he was 100% right. I guess because he didn't just let it go like Tanner did(though he was pretty upset as well & did explain to the umpire 'the rules') & asked for a referee in an extended conversation(which resulted in Mac getting a 'public warning' whatever that meant)
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