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Originally Posted by max View Post
Pretty simple. It's such a powerfully well-written book that for me, a movie will just throw lesser images in my mind. That's the power of reading, really, that you can imagine characters and settings that are highly particularized, and perhaps even grander, than a mere movie can do.

The movie would wreck it for me.
I know what you mean... Think of how suckfull The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons where in relation to the book.

That said, LOTRs were widely lauded for how closely they following of the books - especially in how they represented things described visually in the books. Peter Jackson has apparently gone even further with The Hobbit in trying to match the tone/essence/setting of the book. They had so much detail and story to get through and followed the book so closely that it has been split into three films, not two as originally planned.
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