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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Let's be real. Nike put their eggs into the Federer/Nadal basket in terms of the men's tour. They account for 98% of their clout. Everyone else is an afterthought. They don't take punts of players by paying them millions of dollars - they offer them deals in the 5 or low 6 figures with performance incentives.
Very true and im sure they are paying Fed/Nadal 98% of what is being spent on tennis. I bet Berdych isnt even getting paid that much being slamless They are not paying up and comers huge money to wear their stuff. Plus Nike has the cash lying around to take chances on a few players. It's not going to break their back if a junior doesn't materialize. Also, who said Del Po in leaving. That seems strange. He is still very young and it's likely that he will be a the top of the game for many years to come.
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