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Originally Posted by jaybear1909 View Post
Then she says that me jumping over the net in the first set was the rudest thing she's ever witnessed. I told her that no matter how I got around the net, that I could legally look for the mark. She asked what I would do had I found a mark in and I said, "If I found it in, I'd show you, and if you still proceeded to call the ball out that's your call."

Am I really in the wrong for jumping over the net? I just wanted to see the mark (it was a very important point). I never saw the mark, but didn't argue. Just was showing them that I wasn't afraid to object. Regardless of how I get over there, I feel it's legal to look for a mark.
You are wrong. You are not allowed to cross the net to go look for a mark. It's against the code whether you go around the net or jump over it, but IMO jumping over the net makes you seem like even more of a jerk.

What the rule actually says: If playing on a clay court and you call a close ball out, you are supposed to check the mark to verify. You can also ask your opponents to check the mark on a call they make, but they don't have to show it to you, and you are not entitled to go check it yourself.

From the code:

21. Making calls on clay courts. If any part of a ball mark touches a line on a clay court, the ball shall be called good. If only part of the mark on a court can be seen, this means that the missing part is on a line or tape. A player should take a careful second look at any point-ending placement that is close to a line on a clay court. Occasionally a ball will strike the tape, jump, and then leave a full mark behind the line. This does not mean that a player is required to show an opponent the mark. The opponent shall not pass the net to inspect a mark. If a player hears the sound of a ball striking the
tape and sees a clean spot on the tape near the mark, the player should give the point to the opponent.
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