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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
It is fantastic TV for sure but the the issue I have with the Game of Thrones TV series is they skip over way too much detail so they can keep each book to a 10 episode series. The story has been skipping forward too much imo.
I loved both seasons, but I had a couple of gripes as well. The first season was about 90%-95% in accordance with the first book, "A Game of Thrones". Season 2, based on "A Clash of Kings", had a couple of problems with pacing, and did not introduce important characters like the Reeds (They'll do this next season, missing much of Bran's character development). Daenerys took too long to get out of Qarth, whereas in the books, she covers a lot more ground.

Anyway, this is always the case with books and their silver-screen adaptations. Regarding GoT, I would have preferred 12-15 40 minute episodes to complete the story arc entirely. Still, I always enjoy reading the books and watching the films (Playing the games sometimes).
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