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I don't have a link, but I do have a combination of information I've gleaned off several posts over the last few years. Any quotes (e.g., "worst version IMO") are opinions of TT posters.
  • POG 1: 1 green stripe, no grommets, teardrop head, no bumper; no printing on top or side or racket (possibly a sticker) except for "Prince" and "graphite" at throat, cork-filled - circa 1978
  • POG 2: 1 green stripe, , no bumper, individual grommets, teardrop head; no printing on top or side or racket (possibly a sticker) except for "Prince" and "graphite" at throat, foam-filled? - circa 1980?
  • POG 3: 1 green stripe, bumper, grommet strip, modern head, ave. 356g/10.5 HL; "graphite series 110" printed on side (later variation read simply "graphite 110"); "Prince" and "graphite" at throat; foam-filled; circa 1983
  • POG 4: 4 green stripes, grommet strip, modern head, bumper, ave. 345g/8.5 HL; Printing: "GRAPHITE" in gold on crossbar, "Prince" and "Prince" in gold at throat, "110" in gold at 12:00, "Graphite 110" in green at side; foam-filled; circa 1987. At some point printing shifted to "Graphite Oversize" on side and "Oversize" at 12:00, but I don't know whether this corresponded to 4a, 4b, 4c, or 4d.
    • POG 4a: box beam with sharp corners, solid, stiff, damped, silver hologram; "Series 110" on side
    • POG 4b: solid, slightly less stiff, slightly rounder edges, green hologram
    • POG 4c: rare, silver hologram, "Made In Taiwan" on other side, roundest edges, less HL
    • POG 4d: white primer instead of black; squared edges like POG4a
  • POG 5: "Straight Shaft", lighter, less HL, less stiff, "nice pop"
  • POG 5.5: "20th Anniversary" "specs seem to be different"
  • POG 6: "Tour" - latest POG, very stiff, least HL of all, feels like different material than all others, hollow contraction (?), "worst version IMO"
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