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Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
I Just got another 4 stripes POG 90 from a friend, but it is way "beefier" and the beam is slightly thicker than my existing pair (as thick as the EXO graphite mid, I think)
FWIW, I bought a used POG Mid as you have described. I thought the same as you when I got it - a "beefier", "boxier" mold, just shy of the EXO Mid 93 beamwidth but reminiscent of it. The edges just slightly more squared-off instead of the subtle roundedness of the later POG 90s. I'm too lazy to post pics ATM but "1987" is printed and to the right of it was the gripsize printed in the sans serif typeface Prince used at the time.

I also have a POG Mid that I bought new in 1990. It too also has "1987" printed on the side but a hologram sticker to the right instead of the gripsize marking. The mold on this definitely looks different to the above and thinner. This mold looks like the one they're using on the current day TW reissues but I'm willing to be corrected.

So I'm thinking sometime between 1987-1990 there was a manufacturing transition to a slightly different mold for the POG Mid?

I won't proffer an opinion as to which versions of the POG lineage is best, merely to say that the foam-filled versions just feel better for me.

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