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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
I don't have a link, but I do have a combination of information I've gleaned off several posts over the last few years. Any quotes (e.g., "worst version IMO") are opinions of TT posters.
  • POG 1: 1 green stripe, no grommets, teardrop head, no bumper; no printing on top or side or racket (possibly a sticker) except for "Prince" and "graphite" at throat, cork-filled - circa 1978
  • POG 2: 1 green stripe, , no bumper, individual grommets, teardrop head; no printing on top or side or racket (possibly a sticker) except for "Prince" and "graphite" at throat, foam-filled? - circa 1980?
  • POG 3: 1 green stripe, bumper, grommet strip, modern head, ave. 356g/10.5 HL; "graphite series 110" printed on side (later variation read simply "graphite 110"); "Prince" and "graphite" at throat; foam-filled; circa 1983
  • POG 4: 4 green stripes, grommet strip, modern head, bumper, ave. 345g/8.5 HL; Printing: "GRAPHITE" in gold on crossbar, "Prince" and "Prince" in gold at throat, "110" in gold at 12:00, "Graphite 110" in green at side; foam-filled; circa 1987. At some point printing shifted to "Graphite Oversize" on side and "Oversize" at 12:00, but I don't know whether this corresponded to 4a, 4b, 4c, or 4d.
    • POG 4a: box beam with sharp corners, solid, stiff, damped, silver hologram; "Series 110" on side
    • POG 4b: solid, slightly less stiff, slightly rounder edges, green hologram
    • POG 4c: rare, silver hologram, "Made In Taiwan" on other side, roundest edges, less HL
    • POG 4d: white primer instead of black; squared edges like POG4a
  • POG 5: "Straight Shaft", lighter, less HL, less stiff, "nice pop"
  • POG 5.5: "20th Anniversary" "specs seem to be different"
  • POG 6: "Tour" - latest POG, very stiff, least HL of all, feels like different material than all others, hollow contraction (?), "worst version IMO"
Thanks Don't Let It Bounce! Looks like my latest POG 90 is a 4a.

Besides slightly thicker, stiffer and have sharper edges, it's easier to string into a "narrower" shape (which I like) than my other 4cs without the needs of doing tricks like "stretching" the frame with the machine's frame-holder (on a stand-up machine that you can adjust the holder) and 5 lbs higher on cross etc.

Almost like it is meant to be narrower anyway. Wheras the 4cs can get REALLY "round" esp. if it's strung on a desktop 2 point mounting machine.

Also, I find it a tad head heavier than the 4cs, which make groundstrokes almost effortless for me if I string it with hybrids at 40s lbs

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