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Originally Posted by tonygao View Post
hi LeeD,

this vid includes two drills. the first half is that I was trying to hit both fh and bh to my partner's fh side, and he moves me left and right.

the second half is that I was trying to hit both fh and bh to his bh side, and he moves me left and right.

yes, you are right. my fh crosscourt shot is always up the middle, I can't hit it with sharp angle while on the move. this is one point I was trying to work on in the drill.
I was having this problem too. The main things that cured this for me was getting there early already set up and really exaggerating my hitting angle/contact point. I really carve the ball towards the cc fence and sometimes even make sure i get on the outer side of the ball to get my racket face looking cc. All in all, get there early and make sure you have room to get your racket facing where you want it on contact. I actually figured this out when I was working on moving around my serve and found it useful.

It was a Derp/duh moment. "Face the racket where you want to hit it at contact." .... Derp. But i was thinking too much about too many other aspects of my game and my opponent to even notice. Rally with a purpose!
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