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Originally Posted by EDK View Post
After the receiving team returns the serve, is it permissible for players to swap left and right sides with their partners multiple times during the point? I always thought this was allowed poaching would be one example of this.

A friend of mine was chastised by an onlooker during his doubles play for swapping sides with his partner too much. (They play one-up, one-back.) Said they are only allowed to swap one time during a point, after that anymore is illegal. Anyone know the exact rule on this?
LMFAO! HELL NOT IT'S NOT ILLEGAL! I can swap with my partner 100 times if the rally and our legs lasted long enough for it!

The guy is just an idiot and doesn't know how to play good doubles.

But if you guys are doing it just to distract your opponent, well it's up to the 4 of you to try and figure out whether it truly is a distraction, (or let it be left to a judge/umpire to decide, which you likely don't have). I'd bet 9/10 that it would be legal even then, because faking poaches is a standard thing before your opponent's hit their return. You guys can run where ever the hell you want as many times as you want. Whether it's a good choice is often harder to say unless you know where you need to be.
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