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You can hit a topspin forehand and an awkward backhand slice.

Your attempt at a topspin backhand is more sidespin than topspin. Lift higher. Racket should finish much higher on the backhand.

Just go out and play matches. At your age (I think I saw white hair and some scalp, so excuse me if you're actually a young person), your shots aren't going to get any prettier anytime soon... What you want to focus on is being able to control it and being able to hit it 100 times without missing. All you can get better at is control, control, consistency, and match play.

I saw an old guy, chemistry professor at UCLA from what I heard, play against another old guy and the points between them looked very one-sided. The professor didn't have the best looking strokes. They were very short, stiff, and very jerky. He got clean contact and a good follow through. But more importantly, his precision was laser-like. He hit the lines on so many shots (which I advise against, but he was doing it all day so I can't criticize him for it).

At his age (easily at least 60), how many people are going to be blasting the ball? How many are going to use heavy topspin? How many can run very well? Not many. How many can place the ball well? How many can hit about 100 balls into the court if they can move to it? Depends on how many of these guys are as smart as the professor.

He's not going to beat any reasonably consistent, reasonably clean-hitting, young guy. He's just going to use his young legs to keep getting balls back until they eventually land somewhere where the professor can't get to them. But how many 60+ year olds can beat young guys that don't beat themselves? Not many. There are the fit old guys (like McEnroe, who I don't think is 60 yet), and that's about it.

There was a guy who is insanely dominant at I think the 90+ division (some insanely high age range) because he's the only one left that can actually move to the ball. As you get older, your movement and ability to abuse your opponent's lack of movement (though control and consistency) are your weapons.
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