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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Which is better? Yeah, I know it all depends on the situation, players, etc... But I notice that pros tend to do more passing shots, whereas club players go to the lob more often. At my local park it's almost comical, as soon as anybody rushes the net up go the lobs even if there's a huge opening dtl or something. Maybe park players all have crap overheads..?? Thoughts...
Uhhhh, yeah they do. Footwork for overheads on deep lobs is VERY rough. And it's easier to lob one really high that lands on the service line than it is to hit one of those in the air or even off the bounce unless you're active, which most park players aren't.

Passing shot is much better unless you know (or are willing to bet) that your opponent is too close to the net. At the higher levels, even deep overheads are taken in the air and are very aggressive shots.
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