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Originally Posted by krz View Post
I was merely pointing out the irony of calling the RX7 a hairdressers car compared to a Porsche when you have the Boxster the quintessential hairdresser car.

and being a hairdressers car and being a good drivers car are not mutually exclusive e.g. Miata, Boxster, MR2 Spyder all amazing driving cars with the stigma of being women cars.
She bought the RX-7 in like 88 or 89. I dont think they were making Boxsters at that point, but maybe Im wrong becuase I dont have legendary knowledge on porsches, and Im too lazy to wikipedia.

You guys must grow up in different times and area's. Around here nobody in the market for a porsche would have for one second considered a RX-7 as an alternative.
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