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Originally Posted by suppawat View Post
Yes I like it. It's very practical - light, roomy, shoulder friendly. The bag is light and holds its shape well. In the 2nd version, Solinco bag shape remains the same but they use more water-repellent material and redesign the zip layout. Padded shoulder straps and 2 thermoguard racquet compartments are first class. I used many Head bags before, but none of them are shoulder friendly. They kept falling off my shoulder.
head bags look cool but their straps are the worst. I've had the donnay 12 pack bag for awhile now and have been pleased with it, aside from the fact it is ugly as home-made soap. Hate the color scheme. I've always liked the red/black. I had the prestige limited monstercombi and loved the look of it, and the old wilson eco super 6 as well... i like the look of the solinco bag and their straps look as if they would be comfortable. Going to try and work something out with them in the coming weeks....

Have you tried their new line of rackets? Was bummed there was no 18x20 in the new line, as the cosmetics looked really nice. Maybe they will come out with one at a later date though.
4 PS97. My shoulder decided enough was enough with the heavy frames
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