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Default Curious wrist pain.

For the last two months I have struggled with a semi-sharp shooting pain on the top of my wrist in the center or about where the face of a wristwatch would sit. I feel it most when I serve and I feel like that is what is causing the pain to start initially but I have no idea how to correct my motion or if I need to or if this is something that I just need to work through. It hurts to do pushups as well.

It isn't quite debilitating yet, but I am concerned that I could be playing with fire. I have attempted resting for full 2 week periods on 2 occasions and the pain always returns rather quickly. Usually after my first service game.

Have I strained something bad? Or am I just working some new muscles/tendons and they are experiencing soreness from fatigue. The pain is mostly bearable, but I have had a few instances of very sharp pain.
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