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i can tell, that youīre not really happy with the responses you get
there are two different aspects of your original post, that we can talk about
one, you jumped over the net. not much to talk about, thatīs just not allowed

two, you had a difference of opinion, whether the ball was in or out and that difference of opinion made you certain, that your opponents where cheating

in post #1 you write:īi saw it hit very close, and the man called it outī
in post #18 it reads a bit different:īthe moment she hit the ball, i knew it was inī
interestingly you didnīt find a mark that was in. why not?
but your opponents inability to show you a consistent mark is cheating?
did it ever occur to you, that they might have taken their eyes off the ball mark the moment they saw you jumping the net?
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