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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
Your premise is to make HS tennis more attractive by limiting a varsity team to six players. This just isn't going to work. It will make the sport less attractive as many kids will realize that they have no chance whatsoever to make the varsity team. No junior or senior is going to play on the JV team. They will quit the sport and do something else.

Tennis is already viewed by many as a sport for snobby rich people. Limiting the varsity team to a few exclusive players isn't going to get kids excited about the sport. If you have a school with 2000 kids, to even have a chance of getting a spot on the team you would have to already have had years of lessons and USTA play. I am in favor of talking about how to get more kids excited about the sport and how to make it more accessible to non-wealthy families. Making high school varsity tennis ultra exclusive will have the opposite effect.

The mission of HS sports is to provide opportunities for kids to experience teamwork, competition, the value of work/practice, etc. It is not in place to develop elite players or increase interest in a given sport.
Is this the mission in football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, etc. Not a chance! Of course it creates the bulk of the interest for all of these other sports. High school is the pinnacle of their sports careers and it should be in tennis also.
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