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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
It's a valid point to attract more athletes to tennis but I think this should be promoted earlier like in middle school tennis at age 11-13.
Tennis requires a lot of skills and take years to develop a decent player. If you attract an athletic kid as a new player at 14-15 in 9th-10th grade, it will be too late to develop 5 star, blue-chip or even a very good college player.

If lots of athletes already are crazy about tennis from middle school, keep taking lessons, practicing, competing then by high school their skills will be higher. High school tennis team will be more competitive to get into then you can build up the reputation there.

Middle school is a time to gear kids to tennis. I have seen many kids choose/change to join football, baseball or basketball team instead of tennis by middle school. Introducing mini-tennis in elementary school is even better to get more athletes to this sport.
It needs to start even younger to make sure young kids pick tennis as one of their main sports. Making high school tennis better will keep it from being a fringe sport and put it in a higher place in the heirarchy.
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