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Originally Posted by samarai View Post
Its recreational tennis, there are no line judges, no instant replay. Hopefully no money involved. If both of your opponents call it out, then its out. You may question their call and put a thought in their minds to be more efficient in their calls but that's about it. You move on and play the next point.
In the third set that's how it went about. I just asked if they were being honest and the woman was furious to any objection.

A couple more points I just remembered:

We were in a rally and they were lobbing a lot. My gf was at the net, and a lob went close enough in range for her to swing at it. She wiffed at the ball and I was behind her to recover it. The point ended soon after, and the man proclaimed to scream that she tipped the ball. I just stared and he went on to serve angrily.

Another point I hit a ball close to the line, he put his finger up but she played it. Neither of them said anything and both quickly recovered to play the point out. I said "What??" as the ball was coming back over my side and I saw him shrug. We won the point and I asked "Was it in or not? What was that all about?" He huffed and shrugged and turned around. According to the rules that was our point as soon as they disaggreed on the call, correct?

These are just two examples out of about 50.

I promise you these guys were not playing fair tennis. I would never go to the extremes that I did had it not been warranted. Think of me how you will, but know that I am not the person you think I am. Unless of course you think I'm not all that bad, in which case you'd be right .

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