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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Or just climb up on Ivo Karlovic's back.

Seriously, I once tried sitting on an umpire's chair that had been set up for a junior tournament at my club, and I felt uncomfortable. I did not think it was heavy enough to withstand my climbing, and after that I was afraid of toppling over. I am like, if one person can drag this chair around, how safe is it really for climbing up on?
There are some that make me nervous, for sure. At Midland, MI, where they play the women's challenger, the chairs are affixed to the netpost. The ladder is attached to a single pole that is slanted upwards, and there is a seat on the top. When you look down from sitting on it, it gives the appearance that you are just "floating" there. When the serve hits the net, you can "feel" the let.
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