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Technically, no. A straight arm configuration is really a reflection of the extension through the shot. When you use a pendulum-style takeback from a static position, you get the best extension when you use a down-to-up forward swing, finishing over the shoulder. If you swing in an across, WW-style, you'll have a bent-arm configuration. (Again, we're strictly talking static position.) Sampras used both kinds of swings, but I think he wasn't especially conscious of this.

There's ways to add more spin variation, though. Federer's rotation on his takeback was also done by Laver, and it gives you a more lasso-like motion while still retaining the basic pendulum shape.
OK, are you saying that Laver used a pendulum takeback like Pete, but with Fed's pronated takeback? I can see that on video. But it appears to me that Rod used the pull kinetic chain while Pete uses the push. And Rod did go straight-arm on most forehands. So I'm a bit confused - it appears to me that Laver did use pendulum with straight-arm. Did it work because he was using pull rather than push mechanics?

Could you break down the Sampras forehand vs. the Laver forehand in terms of the mechanical differences (and maybe throw in some visualizations too ?

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