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i had two kids in daycare for a while. it was more than our mortgage. FML. now i got one in kindergarten which should theoretically be cheaper but it kinda evens out because they just need more stuff now.

JRK -- i was on the waiting list for base daycare for over 2 years for my kids. because i'm a dirty contractor - i have the absolute lowest priority. we have dogs at my building that help the wounded warriors who were shot up in afghanistan. contractors are lower on the totem pole than these dogs.

CB -- i have donnay silvers if you like to try. with the donnay customized weights too. works really well. so far i'm in heavy like with these racquets.

topaz -- good playing last night. that first set you and C looked well nigh invincible. that second set we either picked it up or you guys got bored and took it easy on us.

nitefly / dats -- i should've tried the 16x19 ig speeds. i had the 18x20 ig speeds courtesy of downs. but with full poly at downs preferred tension of 275 pounds (which not coincidentally is his preferred fighting weight of his womenz) ruined my arm and wrist and shoulder and any joints in between. BUT - they also make a super awesome THWOCK sound when you crush forehands and serves. it makes it seem like you're just destroying the tennis ball. in retrospect it's probably the sound of my joints though.

lunch today is a gyro. made by people who look decidedly not greek - so it's gonna be amazing.
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