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Wut childcare at the gym is no longer free....aaaaargh why did I wait so long. Dang it.

Looks like we park the babies in strollers and hope JRK doesn't hit his nasty wide serve on the deuce court.

I'm not convinced these shots are necessary or safe, especially at this age,but I don't have to fight this battle.

Cmon mailman deliver my I can string them up in case sumbody wants to challenge the data for mac supremacy! (must beat me in tennis and drink more beer while eating buffalo wings all at the same time.)

I think I'm going to Plaka this weekend. Omg, been to long Mr.Gyro!
Crap, I can't remember a good wing place around here. Buffalo wild wings sux ill tell u that.

Man, sup has an awesome bar with best dang wings in ftlauderale and I bet he never even goes there. Can't believe I played tennis after that pigout! I prolly ruined that bar for him after going there and covering my face in wing sauce. Does not attract the chikzz like u would think. Well, not the kind u want to see on the beach in bikini.

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