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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
you need an option for: "blame your partner".

Haha. If I lose and play well, I'm never unhappy with losing. Problem is, I usually beat myself, so it's rare that I'm happy with losing .

I do hit with a 5.0 that has consecutively beaten me 20 sets in a row. I had set points last time I played him though!

I've never been unhappy with losing to him. I just expect it. I usually play my best tennis against him too.

I remember playing some great tennis against him and him beating me 6-0, or 6-1. Still walked away smiling.

In doubles it's a little harder. If I play well, but my partner doesn't and we get beat, it's kind of a stuck in the middle feeling for me. If this is the case and it's a close match, it's not as bad as losing badly.
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