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LOL. Thanks for the comic relief of this thread though. If anyone wants to know how NOT to handle a situation on court, read the OP.
I dont think this thread is funny at all. I find this thread quite disturbing.

The OP is the exact kinda person I can see who follows a little old lady home after she "obviously" cuts him off and intends on giving her a piece of his mind. After he jumps out of his car and startling her hes so proud that when questioning her about her lane change she offers no explanation to his satisfaction.

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Originally posted by jaybear1909; TRANSLATION BY NTRPolice

Let me begin by saying I am by no means a bad driver. I call lane possession as I see it. So let's begin:

Tonight was my girlfriend and I's final day with our rental car. It was going to decide whether or not we "rent to own" or just buy a new car all together. We arrived at the dealership and the roads were still very damp from the rain earlier this afternoon. We just decided to just drive it and soon learned that the tires left really good marks in the water. Great, so no one would drive bad. Right?

Everything went smooth up until I54. I was driving. There had been some iffy drivers out, but with the tire marks clearly showing, no one objected. We go up to 40-45 mph, 2 miles left. We get in the center lane and there are no cars around us. Out of nowhere this gold Mercedes comes out of nowhere. There were two people in that car, none of them even looked to see if it was clear. I saw it car come very close, and the man beeped his horn. I then proceeded to swerve around them and cut them off back and slamming my brakes (okay, I could have just flipped the bird). The cars came screeching to a halt and I asked nicely if they could show me the tire marks. I was smiling, and had no intentions of being rude. The woman about freaking died! She was clutching her chest and everything! LOLS! Firstly, she showed me a tire mark that was in the WRONG LANE from the tire mark he showed me. Then she proceeded to tell me how rude I was for slamming on my brakes.

Of course we started arguing a little. This little old lady stared going off. I tried "calmly" explaining how they almost killed us, but they wouldnt hear it. That old guy didnt want any of this.

I told them I was calling the cops on them and they went nuts.

At this point I was aiming for heads (no I wasnt going to beat this old couple up, but I wanted to intimidate them so they dont bother steppin' to this). We successfully got them to give us $100 for "griefing" us. I said "thanks" and extended my hand. They had no intention of shaking our hands. Finally the woman shook mine furiously, and proceeded to tell me I was a great driver. Then she says that me slamming on my brakes was the rudest thing she's ever witnessed. I told her that no matter how I get rear ended, that I could legally sue them because its their fault, and that $100 is a small price to pay. She asked what I would do had caused a serious accident and I said "If I you didnt cut me off, I wouldnt cut you off. I'd show you the price of playing games with me."

Am I really in the wrong for cutting them off and slamming my brakes as a response? I just wanted to see the tire marks in the rain so I could see if they were reall in our lane, or if we were in theirs (it was a very important point). I never saw the mark, but didn't argue, I just almost killed all of us instead. Just was showing them that I wasn't afraid to kill all of us just to prove my point. Regardless of how I get rear ended its their fault. I feel it's legal to look for a tire marks to check for whos vehicle had lane possession.

In all honesty, I think she's just jealous because I called that old lady out and she didnt want none of this. .

*And we won by the way
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