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Originally Posted by BHiC View Post
To the best of my knowledge, the tree is a permanent fixture, and it would be the exact same as a ball hitting the roof while playing indoors. The person who hit the shot must call it on themselves, just like on a double bounce call, or a call about touching the net.

What I would do in the situation is mention to the guy that if we were playing in a USTA match, then that would be my point, but I would let it slide in practice (assuming the trajectory of the ball is not changed very much).

If the opponent stops play and offers the point, then I see no problem in taking the point, since that is the rule.

If I was offered a let, I would say not to worry about it, that you could have the point. If you insist that a let should be played, then I would play a let.
Thanks, that sounds like a good solution. Was not sure what is the custom in such a situation as it does not happen so often.
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