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Originally Posted by jaybear1909 View Post
But I saw JMac do it!

If you're going to intentionally call the ball out because neither you nor your wife could reach it, I think that's wrong. I guess I could have just asked from my side of the net, but it wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

Darn my young legs.
Na, JMac would just claim that he saw chalkdust, nevermind that it's a hard court!

Obviously cheating is wrong, and it's frustrating when your opponents cheat. Although I personally think it happens far less than (some) people think it does.

At any rate, if you feel you are being cheated, your only recourse is to ask your opponents "are you sure?". By asking this multiple times, and your tone of voice, you are basically telling your opponents that you think they are cheating you on calls. This may shame them into making better calls, not. But either way you are ultimately at their mercy.
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