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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
I saw an interesting video of this on Essential Tennis. with some tube socks.. I'll try that
Not bad looking serves, in terms of final result, but the form is I agree, leaves work to be done. I think your coach probably had a point in getting you to get that hitting arm up before tossing, but if you want to "make it look pretty" as tehy say, your gonna have to bring that arm up either:
1. as you toss. or 2. lagging a little bit after the toss.

Idon't like the tube socks drill so much but I usually just practice shadow swinging the serve maybe 4-5 times, then the 5th time or so you actually hit the ball. REcord that. Try and get into a smooth rhythm and groove that shot.

Also watch the guys with serves you think look nice. ie. a federer or a sampras or whomever you choose. Try and incorporate their smooth, fluid motion into your serve.

good luck.
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