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The guitar I probably play the most at the moment is a no-brand classical parlor guitar that I got at the local thrift store for $3. I keep it in my office, because it's quiet enough that I can plink around without bothering my co-workers.

At home I play a couple of entry-level Godin guitars-- either the steel-string Art & Lutherie Ami that I learned on, or a Norman solid-top dreadnought that my wife bought when she was trying to learn (don't know the model).

The Ami is a parlor guitar with a pretty nice sound though of course lacking in the bass dept.; the Norman is easy to play (very low action and stays in tune like a champ), but doesn't produce as full a sound as you might expect for a guitar of its size and materials.

Someday maybe I'll spring for an American guitar. I'd love to try a Taylor but I can't justify the expense right now, and I don't feel like I'm being limited by what I have.
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