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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
That's an interesting scenario... tree is a permanent fixture as others have pointed out; however I wonder if there are times when you can't easily tell if the ball actually brushed a leaf, or passed through cleanly? Also, what if you lose sight of the ball as it's going through the tree; even if it does not end up hitting any leaves, is the fact that your vision is obstructed grounds for anything?

Funny and true story: I once hit a bird in flight! Big pelican or whatever, flying maybe 30 ft over the court as I hit a lob; ball hit the bird and fell into the court. We had no idea what the correct call was at the time, so we just played a let (after we recovered from laughing)
Oh my, at first I thought it was the bird what fell into the court and was thinking how cruel you were laughing instead of caring about the poor bird! Shouldn't read so fast

In our case there was a clear rustling among the leaves, but I can imagine it to be unclear other times. Also in badminton we sometimes wondered if the shuttle touched the ceiling just very slightly or not...
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