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Default Samarai said it best

Originally Posted by samarai View Post
Its recreational tennis, there are no line judges, no instant replay. Hopefully no money involved. If both of your opponents call it out, then its out. You may question their call and put a thought in their minds to be more efficient in their calls but that's about it. You move on and play the next point.
Nail on the head there.

And Jay, I'm pretty sure I've played you and your girlfriend before (in a very tough 3-set semi-final). Sorry you're taking so much heat here. You were a tough, but cordial oppoenent then, and I'm sure you're youthful zeal was misplaced here, but you've taken responsibility and realized you were wrong.

We all know that calls are missed on occassion. We all hope that it happens without malice, or ill-intent. Though, there remains the fact that cheaters exist. Beating them at their own game is one approach, but it'll leave as bad a taste as losing to them will. Question the call, then move on and get it back on the next one (or two.)

Hope you've learned from this despite all the mud-slinging.
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