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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
Yes, I agree. They should be part of a progression. If a kid has learned another way or has progressed past them, no point in going back.

Also, I think that if tennis is a kids main sport or if they play/train regularly, they should progress through non-standard balls fairly quickly. That is, if they utilize them at all.

I think it's crazy to start a kid at 6 and mandate that that kid has to play green at 10 or 12. If you start at 9, OK, I can see it, but there is no one-size fits all. Choices are good. Mandates are bad.
There is no mandate that they play green at 10 or 12. They can play regular ball open if they are advanced past the green ball. What 10u regular ball players don't deserve is there own regular ball division. Play up.
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